Sudan: beginning of rehabilitation of a victim of the Bashir system


n Sudan, villagers renamed their school after a teacher arrested during the anti-Bashir protest and died in January in detention.

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Suspected of having ties to the protest against former President Omar al-Bashir, Ahmed al-Kheir, 36, was arrested in late January in his village Khashm al-Girba on the Ethiopian border by agents of the powerful Intelligence Service ( NISS ).

The detainee died a few days later. A death that his relatives attributed to torture suffered by the deceased during his detention. “We are convinced that it is the entire system established by Bashir that is responsible for the murder of Ahmed,” Saad, the younger brother of the teacher, declared late last April, while welcoming the fall of Omar el -Béchir.

And so far, many Sudanese are calling for an “objective” trial to “punish accordingly” the perpetrators and sponsors of Ahmed’s murder.

Pending a possible trial and although not having witnessed the recomposition of the political landscape (civilian-dominated transitional government), Ahmed al-Kheir has not been forgotten by his country.

By renaming Khashm al-Girba’s school as Ahmed, his compatriots have no doubt wanted to make him a place of choice in the Hall of Fame in the history of Sudan.



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