Sudanese Defense Minister dies in Juba

Sudanese Defense Minister battled heart attack in Juba, the capital of southern Sudan. General Jamal al-Din Omar suffered from chronic illnesses, says the Sudanese army spokesman.

He arrived at the head of the Ministry of Defense following the fall of President Omar el Béchir.

Prior to becoming prime minister, he chaired the Transitional Council Security and Defense Committee, a post he had been appointed by its president, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane, in May.

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General al-Din Omar, who was in charge of the defense portfolio, was one of the lines in the ongoing peace talks between the Sudanese Transitional Government and the armed factions that took part in the war in Darfur. .

On Monday, the missing minister showed confidence in the imminent signing of an agreement with the rebel forces for, he says, and founded a national army.

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