Suicide bomber kills 3 near Somalia’s Presidential palace

At least three people were killed and several others injured when a suicide bomber walked into a busy restaurant near presidential palace in Somalia’s capital and detonated himself killing three people instantly.

According to reports, the attacker walked into the restaurant, took a seat alongside other customers before detonating the explosives which were reportedly wrapped around his waist.

The spokesman for the Benadir administration, Salah Omar Hasan, said the explosion initially injured six people, four of them from a single family. Three of the same family members died of wounds sustained in the explosion.

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Al-Qaida linked group Al-shabab claimed responsibility for the attack on their media outlet.

In a statement, Alshabab said, “One of our fighters detonated explosive vest near presidential palace where government soldiers were chewing khat”

In the explosion, Alshabab claimed to have killed nine government soldiers and injured 24 others.

The attack shattered months of relativecalm amid a large security presence in Mogadishu that officials had said prevented al-Shabab from smuggling explosives-rigged vehicles into the city.

In a separate incident, a roadside bomb has killed the administrator of Ras Kamboni area in the Lower Jubba Region of Somalia.

The administrator identified as Abdullahi Diriye sustained serious wounds when a roadside bomb blast targeted his vehicle outside the town.

He was rushed to hospital for treatment but later succumbed to injuries while in the hospital.

Abdullahi Diriye was administrator in the area for the past nine years.

the Al-Qaeda-linked group Al-Shabaab which poses a persistent threat to the Horn of Africa nation claimed responsibility for the attack saying it also inflicted casualties to Kenyan soldiers who were with the administrator when the blast occurred.

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