Mauritania: Interception of nearly 200 Gambian migrants en route to Spain


The Mauritanian Coast Guard intercepted Friday a boat carrying 192 Gambian migrants en route to Spain, 48 hours after the sinking of a pirogue that left 63 dead off Mauritania, told AFP a source of security Mauritania.

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The boat, which left Banjul on December 2, was intercepted on the high seas off Mauritania on Friday and drove to Nouamghar, 150 km north of the capital, Nouakchott.

The 192 candidates for emigration were landed in this locality pending repatriation. “Assistance with food and blankets was brought to them on site. They are all healthy and their boat has not suffered any problems, “the source said.

The interception took place after the sinking Wednesday against the Mauritanian coast of a boat carrying nearly 200 migrants who planned to reach the Canary Islands, Spanish archipelago off Morocco.

The International Organization for Migration ( IOM ) reported 62 deaths, a security source of 63 dead. Among them, a majority of Gambians, but also 13 Senegalese.

Nearly 25,000 people have died since January 2014 trying to reach Europe for economic or political reasons, according to the IOM .

The vast majority (19,154) perished in the Mediterranean, where are the main access routes to the European continent. But more than 480 have died in West Africa, including about 160 in 2019.
The sinking on Wednesday is the deadliest this year, according to the IOM .




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