Coronavirus: Morocco wants to generalize the use of chloroquine

Morocco has decided to use chloroquine, a cheap antimalaria, to treat patients suffering from Covid-19 disease, we learned Tuesday from an official source in Rabat.

A circular from the Moroccan Ministry of Health, sent on Monday to hospitals and regional health directors, calls for “the inclusion of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine (two antimalarials) in the therapeutic management of confirmed cases of Covid-19”.

“Efforts have been made to ensure access to these drugs,” the ministry added in the note, which was copied, which, however, requires “rational inventory management.”

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Rabat last week asked the Moroccan subsidiary to the French group Sanofi to hand over its entire stock of Nivaquine and Plaquenil, chloroquine-containing drugs.

To make its decision and establish a therapeutic protocol, the authorities consulted a technical and scientific committee that recommended a combination of chloroquine and azithromycin, a macrolide antibiotic, according to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Chloroquine, cheap and used for decades, is often recommended when traveling to areas infected with the malaria parasite, transmitted by some mosquitoes.

However, on Monday, the World Health Organization () called for caution with regard to chloroquine due to the small number of patients so far treated.

In France, only in “difficult forms”

After a series of trials in China, France on Monday decided to administer this treatment to patients suffering from “severe forms” of Covid-19 disease, but not to “less severe” forms. President Donald Trump talked to him about a possible “gift from heaven”.

The Moroccan Transport Minister, Abdelkader Amara, tested positive for Covid-19 on March 14 after returning from a mission in Europe, had already entrusted to take Nivaquine, a “drug specified in the treatment of malaria, manufactured in Morocco”.

“My state of health and being stable, I have no fever, no breathing symptoms. The headaches are almost gone. I just feel a little tired, ”explained the minister, confined at home, in an interview with the chain Medi 1.

Morocco, in a state of health since Friday night, today has 143 officially declared cases, including four deaths and five remissions, but with less than 800 tests completed in total. The country has three screening centers and 1,642 intensive care beds for 35 million people.


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