nearly 10,000 French people still stranded in Morocco

Morocco extended the state of emergency on Monday until June 10. This means continuing containment, but also maintaining the closure of its borders, a measure taken in mid-March. A heavy blow for the more than 10,000 French and Moroccans resident in France who are still stuck in the country.

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Holidays, family or professional visits that turn for many into a nightmare, with very few means of repatriation and a feeling of being abandoned by the French State. Nancy Viannet had left for Morocco in early March to attend a funeral. Her stay was to last 10 days, but it’s been three months that this Frenchwoman is stuck in Morocco. ” I had a professional life, I had a very short life and I want to find it. Here everything is chaotic, it’s a puzzle, I’m desperate, I’m desperate “She loose.

Unlike many others, she is fortunate to be accommodated and not to have to worry too much about her job. But it is psychologically difficult, especially since France, according to the deputy for French nationals abroad, Anne Genetet, has very little room for maneuver.

It’s a state decision, – she is sovereign, to close its borders, she explains. It’s not just Morocco. So then, it happens in negotiation on a case by case basis. In Australia, we were able to succeed, in New Zealand, we ended up in China not yet, in Singapore either. In Morocco, little by little with France and diplomatic support, we succeed in obtaining the establishment of special flights. Morocco does not want to add more, what do you want us to do ? It is the fault with no luck that it fell on them, this closing of borders, but it also allowed Morocco to contain the epidemic, since the number of cases remains very low in Morocco. ”

Each week, only six planes provide repatriation to France with 120 seats available on board. Nancy has done her math: she may only be back in 14 weeks.

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