New clashes in Libya between the forces of the GNA and those of Marshal Haftar

Forces loyal to the government of national unity carried out attacks on the various fronts of Tripoli against the forces of Marshal Haftar. GNA forces also carried out a surprise attack to recover the al-Watiya air base 125 kilometers west of the capital.

This violence occurs despite the truce accepted by both parties last week. These are the most violent battles recorded since the Battle of Garian last June. Nothing seems to be able to stop the fighting in Libya: neither international calls nor the multiple truces of the UN nor, either, the coronavirus. On the contrary, the two rival parties seem to want to take advantage of this pandemic to make progress on the ground.

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Thus on Wednesday morning, forces loyal to the Fayez el-Sarraj government launched a comprehensive attack on the various front lines. Far beyond the capital, they targeted al-Watiya air base, the only one under the control of the Libyan national army in the west of the country. They captured eleven soldiers from the Libyan national army on this base, including three generals.

“Storm of Peace”

Following these unexpected developments, Fayez el-Sarraj, Prime Minister of the Tripoli government announced the operation called “storm of peace” for ” defend our civilians who are bombed by enemy terrorist forces Thus designating forces of Marshal Haftar. He said that he was keeping his government’s commitments to respect the truce: he said that this offensive was only to defend himself.

Very quickly, the Libyan national army led by Marshal Haftar managed to recover the military base and extend its control over a hundred kilometers of coastline towards the Tunisian border. She claims that she is now positioned near the crossing point to Tunisia. If it continues, Tripoli will be surrounded in both the west and the east by forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar.

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