The threat of Egyptian military intervention in Libya worries

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While Marshal Haftar has suffered setbacks from setback since Turkey formalized and reinforced its military support for the rival camp of the government of National Union of Fayez al-Sarraj, Egyptian President al-Sissi in turn threatens to intervene militarily in Libya to counteract the growing influence of Turkey. A prospect that worries the African Union contact group on Libya, which held a meeting by videoconference earlier this week.

It was a statement by President al-Sisi on Egyptian television last weekend that aroused the fears of the African Union contact group. In this interview, he threatens to engage his army in Libya if the ANL of Khalifa Haftar ” had to be put in trouble ” in his ” fight against terrorism ” Understand, against FNA al-Sarraj’s GNA, in the language of the Egyptian head of state. “A direct confrontation between Turkey and Egypt on Libyan soil – and no longer only by proxy – would further complicate the return to peace”, fears a diplomat, hammering out the position of the African Union according to which ” there is no military issue To the Libyan conflict.

Real or dissuasive threat? Hard to say. Egypt is generally reluctant to engage its army outside its borders. But stillas Field Marshal Haftar loses ground in recent weeks, its ability to exercise absolute control over eastern Libya is also crumbling. What reactivates in the eyes of Egypt the specter of a ” security destabilization at its borders “, Said researcher Naji Abu Khalil, co-director of the Libya program at Noria Research. Not to mention the threat posed by Turkish influence in Libya ” for his oil and gas interests ” in the country. The whole ” feeds, explains the researcher, a very strong ideological influence struggle between Egypt and Turkey, perceived by Cairo as the sponsor of political Islam “That she is fighting.

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