what consequences will Khalifa Haftar’s latest setbacks have?

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In Libya, since the launch of Operation “Peace Storm” in early April, forces of the National Union government, led by Fayez al Sarraj, have been giving their adversary Khalifa Haftar a hard time.

Analysts close to the Fayez al Sarraj camp agree that Khalifa Haftar’s forces, by withdrawing from al-Witya’s strategic base and redeploying to Tripoli, have already lost the military battle in Libya.

But the situation in this country seems much more complex. The Libyan military scene is shifting, as are internal and foreign alliances. The countries which are directly involved are numerous, their interests are often contradictory.

Since 2011, the various strategic places of the country have passed from one hand to the other on multiple occasions, without a personality or a political current really imposing itself on this country which remains deeply divided. ” We are in a new turning point which shows that the war will intensify, widen and deepen Warned Stéphanie Williams, the UN’s acting special envoy to Libya, on Tuesday.

With the intensification of fighting, international calls for a truce and a resumption of political dialogue have also increased. The African contact group for Libya did the same in a statement at the end of its meeting on Tuesday, May 20.

Yet on the ground, the arms dialogue has not stopped.

Tripoli military leaders are now targeting the town of Tarhouna, some 90 km from the capital, which forms a rear base for Khalifa Haftar’s forces and a gateway for ammunition. According to Tripoli, this city was bombed by mortars. She was also the target of five air strikes on Tuesday.

A local chief of the Libyan national army said that a strong deployment of GNA forces was standing at the gates of the surrounded city. Building on their latest advances, some GNA leaders say the oil crescent, which has been in the hands of Khalifa Haftar since 2017, is one of their next goals.

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