Africa faces the pandemic on Friday May 29

According to the CDC, the African Union’s Center for Disease Prevention, the continent recorded 129,565 cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, and 3,790 deaths from the disease. South Africa and Egypt remain the two most affected by the pandemic.

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  • Algeria continues confinement until June 13

The Algerian government extended its strict confinement measures in most of the country on Thursday May 28 until June 13, urging people to ” continue its citizen mobilization To stop the Covid-19 pandemic that left 630 people dead. ” The government has decided to maintain partial home confinement until June 13 »In 44 of the 48 wilayas (prefectures) of Algeria, according to a press release from the Prime Minister’s office. Confinement is however completely lifted in the other four prefectures, including three in the extreme desert south of the country, said the statement.

Containment measures result in a curfew from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. (4 p.m. – 6 a.m. UT) in the nine most affected wilayas, including Algiers and Oran, and from 2 p.m. to 7 a.m. in the others. The wearing of a sanitary mask has been compulsory since Sunday and offenders are sentenced to heavy fines. According to the Scientific Committee for Monitoring the Evolution of the Pandemic, 9,000 cases of contamination have been officially recorded in Algeria, including 630 deaths, since the registration of the first case on February 25.

  • In Cameroon, war of chiefs around the fight against Covid-19

Maurice Kamto, the main opponent of the indestructible Paul Biya, in power for 37 years, continues to contest the results of the 2018 election. And it is the fight against the pandemic that is at the center of new struggles between the two rivals.

End of March, Maurice Kamto issued an ultimatum to the Head of State, demanding that he address Cameroonians before seven days after weeks of silence. ” In the current context of a serious danger for the nation, his silence is not only irresponsible, he becomes criminal », Then tackled the opponent.

Three weeks later, he even announced that he had launched a process to declare the vacancy in power. In the process, Maurice Kamto launches an operation called Survie-Cameroon Survival Initiative (SCSI) fundraiser for the fight against coronavirus. From then on, the authorities did everything to prevent the initiative. Since early May, a dozen SCSI volunteers have been arrested for distributing, ” illegally According to the police, masks and hydroalcoholic gel.

The government had already prevented qualified fundraising too ” illegal By ordering mobile operators at the end of April to close the accounts receiving the donations. And the judicial police opened an investigation in particular for money laundering targeting two relatives of Maurice Kamto responsible for SCSI. ” Cameroon ruling party uses pandemic to settle scores and punish opposition “Denounces the international organization Human Rights Watch (HRW). The Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) by Maurice Kamto ” carries out confused actions that put him in the trap of politicization Of the fight against the coronavirus, argues an official of the ruling party, the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (RDPC), Jean-Baptiste Atemengue.

Other opposition parties have launched actions against the coronavirus, without being targeted by the government. After more than two months of silence, Paul Biya finally addressed his people in a television speech on May 19, calling for ” sacred union »Against the coronavirus.

Cameroon is the central African country most affected by the pandemic with 5,436 officially detected and 175 deaths. The government has decided to ease restrictions on the closure of borders, restaurants and bars, and schools are also due to reopen this Monday, June 2.

  • Senegal extends state of emergency

In Senegal, the state of emergency extended by 30 days, until July 2. Decreed on March 23 by President Macky Sall as part of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, it had already been extended on April 3, then on May 2.

  • Namibian President caught in “ in the act »Non-compliance with confinement

Hage Geingob confessed Thursday May 28 to have paid a fine for violating, during a ceremony for the 60th anniversary of his party, the rules of containment imposed in the country against the coronavirus pandemic. ” We celebrated an important date, the 60th anniversary of Swapo (ruling party). We were only ten managers, but there were other people Said Hage Geingob at a press conference. “As we were caught in the act of fault, we recognized the facts and we paid,” he added.

Namibian law provides fines of 2,000 Namibian dollars (105 euros) for violating measures taken to slow the spread of Covid-19. Namibia has so far recorded 22 cases of Covid-19 infection, none of which have been fatal.

  • Zimbabwean opposition MP accuses police of torturing her

Three young Zimbabwean opposition activists who accuse the police of torturing them have been charged with incitement to ” violence on the public highway “And released on parole Thursday, an NGO reported.

MP Joanna Mamombe and two other members of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Netsai Marova and Cecilia Chimbiri, disappeared on May 13 in Harare during a demonstration organized by their training to denounce the difficulties of many families who are struggling to eat as much as they can since the containment was introduced in late March. Two days later, they were found seriously injured on the side of a road on the outskirts of the capital. The MDC accuses the police of arresting, beating and torturing them, based on their testimony, which the security forces categorically deny.

MDC chief Nelson Chamisa said the three activists were severely beaten and sexually harassed. They are currently hospitalized.

  • In Senegal, the Transair company sails by sight to save its skin

While the government announced Thursday to extend until June 30 the suspension of all flights to or from Senegal, the company TransAir ” don’t know where she’s going ” Since March 20, all flights have been suspended from or to Senegal. To maintain its fleet of six aircraft, Transair organizes one empty flight per week, which costs it 1,000 euros per hour just in fuel.

Globally, the International Air Transport Association (Iata) has estimated the impact of the pandemic on airline turnover in 2020 at $ 314 billion (€ 286 billion). 55% compared to 2019 and air transport should not return to its pre-pandemic traffic level before 2023, according to the association.

To reduce the impact of the crisis, the Senegalese government has released 77 billion CFA francs (115 million euros) for tourism and air transport, including 45 billion CFA francs (67.5 million euros) for Air Senegal.

A private company, Transair should benefit from a little boost, including loans at preferential rates and a deferral of payment of VAT. Alioune Fall, the boss of the company, did not make any dismissal but he wonders if he will be able to pay the salaries of its 104 employees and evokes a ” risk of bankruptcy ” ” Businesses will cut corners on travel budgets and tourism will contract in a terrible way. If companies don’t cut their sails and cut costs, they risk disappearing “, He judges. Senegal, like the other countries of the continent, remains relatively untouched by the pandemic. He has reported more than 3,300 cases, including 41 deaths, since March 2.

  • CAF to disburse $ 10.8 million

While African football is at its worst with the end of the championships, the African Football Confederation announced on its website the disbursement of “target =” _ blank “>nearly $ 10.8 million to its 54 member associations.

Due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, African AMs have suspended all national competitions, which has increased the financial burden on their shoulders. CAF therefore decided to modify the eligibility conditions to access annual grants, so that all MAs can benefit from them during this difficult period. “Said CAF President Ahmad Ahmad.

In many countries, footballers are no longer paid by their federations even though FIFA had promised 140 million euros on April 24 for its 211 federations. A sum that has still not reached several countries on the continent.

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