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Ghanaian rapper Eno Barony.

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Here is the Afro-Club’s selection, whose turntable hit this week is made up of Paille & Etana, Eno Barony, King Kaka, Zuchu, Don Nakess and finally Rys Marion.

Martinique Paille and Jamaican Etana sing Loverboy
After his carnival hit Run Di Town Released last January, Yoni Alpha aka The Straw Man is back with Lover boy, a duet with Jamaican artist Etana. Very well known on the international scene, she was nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2018 in the category Best Reggae Artist. The collaboration between Paille and Etana has been in the drawers for a long time and the result is magnificent. As a reminder, in September 2019, Paille distinguished himself for his collaboration with the rapper Meryl on the title San’w.

Ghanaian rapper Eno Barony returns with Force Dem To Play Nonsense
You may discover Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom better known by her stage name Eno Barony. Hold on tight. The young woman who was born on October 30, 1991 to a Reverend father in Accra is both a rapper and a composer of urban music. It was in 2014 that she released her first single Wats Ma Name before remixing the title Tonga her elders Joey B and Sarkodie, which will put her in the spotlight. The following year, his mother died. This painful ordeal will be a springboard for his creativity. She will multiply collaborations with several Togolese artists in 2016 before inviting the star Stonebwoy and performing alongside the Jamaican Popcaan. Today, she is multi-award winning and has been named Best Rapper of Ghana several times.

Kenyan King Kaka announces new album with moving song Fly
The Kenyan rapper is back to the delight of his fans. He announced the upcoming release of a new album and chose the song full of emotions Fly, a title that the artist particularly likes because he lost a loved one and it is, in a way, a therapeutic piece for all those who have lost a loved one. He invited the famous Kenyan actor and singer Pascal Tokodi to accompany him on the chorus, both joining their voices to pay tribute to the missing. Fly generated a lot of positive reactions from the public as well as critics and King Kaka said that his next album will be a journey through the emotions.

Tanzanian Zuchu continues with the acoustic title Nisamehe
After making us dance on April 8 with the title Wana which has greatly exceeded 3 million views today, the Tanzanian singer Zuchu continues with the acoustic melody Nisamehe in which you realize the power of your voice. It has been barely two months since superstar Diamondz Platnumz signed Zuchu on his WCB Wasafi label and the results are impressive. His EP I AM Zuchu released on April 12 posts good scores with nearly 10 million plays in streaming almost 80% of which is located only in the East Africa region. A feat that bodes well for the young Zuchu.

Gabonese rapper Don Nakess breaks his silence with The Sound of the Conquerors
One year after the success of Private property, Don Nakess continued to experiment with his voice on clean tracks, just with a piano like it’s the case on Go away and Everything is my fault. Heading more and more towards the song without abandoning the rhyme, Don Nakess tells us the stories of the daily life of an African child who left his native land to find a different future on the Old Continent. The Sound of the Conquerors talks about his origins, his attachment to his native country, his mistakes and his dreams. But above all, it’s an opportunity for him to make history and put on his rapper’s cap. Without a doubt, The Sound of the Conquerors is also that of maturity: “Little boy grown up” can we hear her singing in the chorus.

Beninese Rys Marion calls for help in Sole
On the Afro planet, Rys Marion is a UFO. At just 21 years old, he shows that he has incredible talent by releasing the title Sole which is against the musical trend of the continent at the moment. Exit snares and other drum machines. Make way for the acoustic guitar and its soft, barely mature voice. Rys Marion sings in the Fon language, completely re-orchestrating the original version of his illustrious predecessor in the Kingdom of Dahomé, Monsieur Robinson Sipa because, yes, Sole is a cover. Rys Marion also participated in the blind auditions for season 3 of the show The Voice Africa currently being broadcast, without having been able to pass this first stage, but whatever, it is there and for a very long time we hope so. Favorite of the week.

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