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Cameroonian singer Reniss.

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Here are the news from the Afro-Club, whose turntable hit this week consists of Sista Bercy & Innoss’B, Etane Blex & Suspect 95, Lord Ekomy Ndong, LaSauce, Reniss and finally Roberto.

With Commando, the Cameroonian Reniss proves that she is always where we do not expect
Reniss tells, in Commando, the story of a soldier who lives peacefully with his sweetheart until the day when a field mission separates the couple and takes the life of the young soldier. The singer chose makossa in its most traditional version. The atypical rhythm of this musical genre specific to Cameroon and well cadenced and the melody tinged with brass harmoniously played give this exquisite result. The retro clip enriches the soundscape. Precisely, this universe inspired by the 1980s was already present in the artist’s previous visuals as in vie de Nuit. Reniss is undoubtedly the favorite of the week.

Zambian Roberto invites couples to come together in Come Closer
Robert Chindamba Banda is back and we like it. While he undertook a tour of the countries of the south of the continent at the start of the year, the coronavirus pandemic stopped him in its tracks. The Zambian artist who has been in music since 2004 still wanted to stay active on his social networks. As a reminder, Roberto is one of the most popular singers in the country since the explosion of his hit Amarulah in 2015. He regularly gives us hits with local afropop flavors. This is how, last April, the title Come Closer arrived on YouTube with very little promotion. As usual, Roberto signs a quality song on a theme dedicated to lovers.

The Togolese Etane Blex invites the Ivorian Suspect 95 on the very virulent Shut up
tane Blex is an artist of the new generation of promising talents in Togo. In 2014, he published the title Viagra who launched his professional career and continued in 2015 with Mepigan which earned him an All Music Awards nomination. In 2017, he collaborated with Kasaré on the title Gomene. Today, he returns with the Ivorian artist Suspect 95 who recently sparked debate in his country by denouncing the phenomenon of sugar daddy (older men in paid romantic relationships with much younger girls, editor’s note). This subject, long taboo in society, has become a source of unease that Suspect 95 materialized in its title. Talk to your daddy. A title that echoes Shut up whose text denounces the comments of those who make judgments about the lives of others without knowing the reality they face. Hashtag Wisdom!

The Gabonese Lord Ekomy Ndong gives his pen to the service of the people with Autobiography of an unarmed soldier
The day after Challenge Catalog (cultural competition in the form of a battle between two artists or composers of music born during confinement, editor’s note) having confronted his compatriot Ba’ponga on Sunday, May 3, the Gabonese rapper Lord Ekony Ndong has released two surprise albums: Little mutant in his corner and Always as much in his corner. He hadn’t released anything since String theory and its 20 titles published in March 2019. Very known for his acerbic pen against the political power in Gabon since he created the group Movaizhaleine, Ekomy Ndong is forced into exile outside his native country, but he does not forget the fighting to lead. This is what is discussed in Autobiography of an unarmed soldier who traces his journey and his commitments.

South African LaSauce talks about couple relationships during confinement in Njalo
South African singer LaSauce, known for signing the hit Coolerbag in 2017 as well as the memorable collaboration with Amanda Black on I do the same year, is back. Sindiswe Magoso whose real name excels in soul and r’n’b in the land of kwaito and afrohouse. In Njalo, it deals with a very current subject, that of couples finding themselves in confinement but having to respect social distancing. A situation that keeps them away while creating a climate of suspicion when one of the spouses contracted the disease. A real thrilling scenario. With her sweet voice and the languorous rhythm of the music, LaSauce manages to lighten a thorny subject and above all very in tune with reality. A promising talent for an artist who is barely 22 years old.

Congolese rapper Sista Becky invites Innoss’B to He does semblematic
Rebeca Kalonji, alias Sista Becky, has been involved in rap from a very young age. It is therefore natural that she turns to this musical genre when she embarks on music in 2016, torn between song and urban prose. There aren’t many women in urban music in Congo, so Sista Becky has built a reputation for First lady rap in the land of Lumumba by collaborating with rapper Lexxus Legal twice. In 2018, she published Emotions whose rhythm is inspired by gqom, a South African musical style born in Durban in the early 2010s. The same year, she released Notorious Spirit. Today, Innoss’B gives him strength by putting his voice on He pretends. Initiative that we can only congratulate.

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