Chad bereaved by the death of 98 soldiers in a Boko Haram attack

From Wednesday, Chad observes a three-day national mourning in memory of the 98 soldiers killed during the clashes on Monday March 23 with Boko Haram in Bouma in the Lac province. The confrontation was one of the deadliest for the Chadian army, according to President Idriss Déby.

With our correspondent at N’Djamena, Madjiasra Nako

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The Chadian army unit was attacked by surprise on four fronts. The apparently well-informed jihadists did not leave Chadian soldiers any reaction time. And when reinforcements from the neighboring locality of Kaïga Kindjiria arrived, they were ambushed by the attackers who had time to take away weapons, their dead and wounded and, above all, burn several vehicles before retreating.

According to the head of state, the unit in question was stripped before the attack. This explains the weak resistance to the barrage of fire from elements of Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the leader of Boko Haram’s wing recognized by the Islamic State organization.

Faced with the situation, the column of the Chadian army, on its way to Niger to join the area of ​​the three borders between Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, was diverted to the fighting area pending the readjustment of the device of the Chadian army announced Tuesday by Idriss Déby.

President Déby in Bouma

Idriss Déby went by helicopter to Bouma. This is the first time that the Chadian army, known for its prowess in the region, has suffered such a defeat. And Idriss Déby says taking stock of the situation: “ I’ve been through a lot of operations, but losing so many men in one fell swoop is the first time in our history. I am disgusted. We are going to review our entire system to avoid what Bouma has known.

According to several Chadian military experts, reviewing the system must consist in putting an end to the injustices suffered by many soldiers. This is what the head of state must take care of, who decided to stay at the lake to personally respond to Boko Haram.

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