Coronavirus: French people stranded in Senegal

Senegal, Peru, Tunisia or Morocco have ceased many countries with their air relations with France, one of the countries most affected in Europe by the corona virus after Italy and Spain.

The trap was then closed to all foreign nationals present in their territories … forced to find emergency solutions, such as Laurent, a French engineer who stranded in Dakar.

“We could stay a bit in the rent we had, but we quickly went out of budget, aware that we had to buy a ticket. The embassy has created a platform that allows people who can host and people who are looking for accommodation to connect. It’s a good system that allows us to wait without going into the red, “Laurent Carré said.

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The embassy has created a platform that makes it possible to get in touch with the people who are staying and the people who are looking for accommodation.

The French authorities have stated that they want to bring back French “as soon as possible” via “special commercial flights” set up by the airlines. Only problem: rising fares.

“At the moment I cancel the flights I have seen only by Air France and the fare is 1,500 euros per person in economy class. 1500 euros for just one return is beyond my budget now and I’d rather wait until it drops, “said Manon Maison, a French tourist.

“I’ve heard people say” they charge me for the 3000 euro ticket, I don’t mind, I leave immediately. “And the others? We’re not all in this case. It’s shocking and very shocking to me,” said Marilène Fauve, a British tourist.

France must organize the return of about 130,000 citizens stranded abroad by the Covid-19 pandemic, the French foreign minister said on Friday.

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