Coronavirus: Health Tourism for African Leaders at Risk?

Very often, many African leaders go to the West and more specifically to Europe for care. Where should they go now, now that access to the old continent is almost impossible after the borders were closed because of the progress of -19?

The Nigerian authorities on Wednesday announced that Abba Kyari, President Buhari’s chief of staff and right-hand man, has tested positive for coronavirus.

If the test of Nigerian officials including the head of state in contact with Kyari during a meeting the day after his return from Germany affected by -19 was negative, others have not against could not escape it.

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“Governor Obaseki (Edo State, South) quarantined himself after Bauchi State Senator Bala Mohammed and Chief of Staff Abba Kyari tested positive at -19,” Obaseki spokesman Crusoe Osagie said in a statement.

An announcement that causes panic among the political class in Africa’s leading economy. “The political class in Abuja, the federal capital, has been in a panic since the chief of staff was tested positive,” said a source close to the presidency.

As far as the deterrents of the Buhari regime are concerned, this is the perfect opportunity to challenge the country’s health management. “Any politician who tested positive for -19 should be treated at one of their original hospitals. Give them a taste of their facilities,” author Elnathan John wrote on his Twitter page on Tuesday.

But in Africa, the Buhari case is not unique. Many African leaders and officials, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, are on the list of potential clients in Western hospitals, including the Hôpital de la Salpêtrière in Paris in France and Quirón Marbella hospital in Spain.

What happens if some large African vegetable becomes ill when Europe itself becomes infected with coronavirus (226,340 cases including 12,719 deaths)? One thing is certain, though: health tourism for leaders on the continent is seriously threatened at this time.

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