Coronavirus – Inventory: Cameroon refuses all “mimicry”

In Cameroon there is no question of retention at -19. That’s how the Cameroonian Ministry of Health decided.

The Cameroonian Ministries for Health and Communication organized a press point in Yaoundé, the capital, on Wednesday. The opportunity for “Mincom” René Emmanuel and “Minsanté”, Malachie Manaouda to find out about the corona virus in the country.

“Of 75 cases positively confirmed by the Covid-19 screening test in #Cameroun, one person died, two were cured after taking advantage of 14 days of care at Yaoundé Central Hospital,” said two ministers.

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In the news, they also addressed the worrying issue of chloroquine. “Chloroquine has an advantage in the treatment of #coronavirus. The protocol we have is built around chloroquine, but for hospital use. Prescribing this drug would have significant side effects, says Manaouda.

When it comes to containment, which is modern in several countries, it is not yet on the agenda. And for good reason: “Most Cameroonians live from day to day. They cannot afford to refuel for 15 days or a month. We don’t think we should emulate it, decide to do what has been done elsewhere, “said René Sadi.

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