Guinea: death in Conakry for the start of an anti-Condé mobilization


A young protester was killed Monday in Conakry during clashes with the police, said his family and a medical source, on the first day of a high-risk mobilization against the project loaned to Guinean President Alpha Condé from seek a third term in late 2020.

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The protest, several times severely repressed, had already caused the death of at least twenty civilians and a gendarme since mid-October. The National Front for the Defense of the Constitution ( FNDC ), the collective of parties, unions and members of civil society which is leading the protest, called from Monday onwards for a “massive” and “unlimited” mobilization.

A 21-year-old senior student, Elhadj Mamadou Sow, was “killed by a bullet fired by a law enforcement officer chasing young people” in the Coza district of Conakry, said his uncle at AFP .

“There were clashes, throwing stones and tear gas. At one point we heard a burst,pan pan, pan, we heard screams and all the young people gathered around my nephew, who was on the ground, injured in the chest, ”he added.

His death, due to “a bullet that passed through his chest,” was confirmed by a doctor at the clinic where the young man was evacuated.

“We have just been informed, we are going to verify,” national police spokesman Amadou Camara told AFP .

An AFP correspondent described the capital Conakry as almost stationary, with very few vehicles on the streets and many schools, shops and petrol stations closed.

“The call for resistance launched by the FNDC is widely followed in several cities in Guinea. This materialized by a total paralysis of the main road axes, the closing of shops and businesses, the total or partial cessation of activities or their slowing down depending on the location, ”said the FNDC in a press release.

This beginning of mobilization “is a success”
The FNDC reported clashes in Conakry, Boffa and N’Zérékoré, and four arrests in the capital.

This beginning of mobilization “is a success”, declared to the AFP the national head of the FNDC , Abdourahmane Sanoh.

The government had cited the disturbance of public order and the absence of a permit to demonstrate to severely suppress the first rallies from October. He then authorized the demonstrations under conditions, without the violence ceasing completely.

Since mid-October, the FNDC has repeatedly taken tens or hundreds of thousands of Guineans to the streets in this small country of 13 million inhabitants.

The opposition is convinced that the head of state, elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2015, intends to stand for re-election in late 2020, while the Constitution limits the number of presidential terms to two. She was reinforced in her fears in December when Mr. Condé, 81, indicated that he intended to submit to the Guineans a draft of a new Constitution, even if he did not express himself on his personal intentions.




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