Hissène Habré’s victims have still not received the reparations due

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Four years ago, on May 30, 2016, Hissène Habré was sentenced to life imprisonment in Dakar by the Extraordinary African Chambers for the crimes committed under his regime. But today, the victims have received no compensation, even though it was provided for by the justice system. In a statement released this morning on Friday, May 29, they called on the African Union and Chad to meet their obligations.

With our correspondent in Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

At 73, Abdourahmane Guèye hasn’t forgotten anything about the months spent in a Chadian cell. The Senegalese, a former trader who was thrown in prison in March 1987, survived the regime of Hissène Habré. The extraordinary African chambers and the Chadian justice system ordered the payment of millions of euros in compensation for the victims. But like the others, Abdourahmane Guèye has still not received a cent.

Four years, four years … Nothing, no compensation. It’s too much ! Among the victims of Hissène Habré, some people have already died. Hissène Habré has property here in Senegal. We must seize them. But I believe that the African Union has not made any efforts with the State of Chad.

The exit permit granted to Hissène Habré on April 6 for 60 days was a further disappointment for the victims. Senegalese President Macky Sall has assured him that the former Chadian president will return to prison after the pandemic. But when ? Abdourahmane Guèye asks himself the question: ” There are personalities imprisoned here who have not benefited from this. How long will it continue? And how many sick people never treated? I am completely discouraged.

The Senegalese Minister of Justice indicates that an extension of exit authorization reports to the sentencing judge. For his part, Hissène Habré’s lawyer did not respond to our requests.

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