Jocelyn Elliott posts video for still hostage husband

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The wife of Arthur Kenneth Elliot, an 85-year-old Australian doctor, hostage since January 2016 in the Sahel, appears in a video. In this new message posted on social networks, Jocelyn Elliot, who had also been kidnapped in northern Burkina Faso before being quickly released, addresses her husband and those who detain him.

With his face covered in a blue veil, Jocelyn Eliott expresses himself not without difficulty in French. In a calm voice, she addressed her husband, then the kidnappers. Without any animosity, and almost with understanding she thanks them for the attention paid to her husband, while he cares for those who need it.

However, she begs those who detain him to release him when they “ see fit to do so ” In filigree, it recalls the great age of her husband, her devotion, and already evokes the legacy he will leave.

Detained for more than four years

This is not the first message from the family. In French, in the local language, usually with an Arabic version written, those close to the octogenarian have already launched several calls for his release.

Arthur Kenneth Eliott is detained by the Support Group for Islam and Muslims. No agreement has yet been reached on the conditions of his release. According to our information, negotiations have stalled and the weakened man has started to lose his sight.

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