Liberia: African masks against Covid-19

Now it’s time for commitment to contribute to the fight against coronavirus worldwide. And in Liberia, young people show creativity.

Humpheretta Reid, a young Liberian, makes a local version of protective masks with African fabrics.

“After seeing the different masks around the world, I was inspired and decided to adapt it to our local culture by creating an African version. You know, I thought to myself, we can also use what we have to end all of this corona virus, “said Humpheretta Reid, the project’s initiator.

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To make these masks, she uses Ankara fabrics. For her, the continent must protect itself against the virus by the means it has.

“We have almost everything we need to fight this virus. We just have to think outside the box, be more creative, use what we have and think this corona virus is real; it exists in Liberia,” Humpheretta Reid added.

This Liberian woman working on a strategy for managing and using local masks is hoping to expand her initiative across the country. Liberia, like many African countries, is affected by this pandemic with three confirmed cases.

The World Health Organization has defined basic preventive measures, including washing your hands regularly.

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