Liberia: President Weah sings against coronavirus

Liberian President George Weah sang a text on Wednesday, written by him according to his posts, to raise awareness about the fight against coronavirus.

“My fellow Liberians, let’s stand together to fight the coronavirus. God bless Africa and the rest of the world, “sings more in English than he sings the president to a playful music of percussion and strings embellished with female voices.

The former soccer star who became president two years ago talked for about six minutes about the spread of the virus, the need to wash his hands and the symptoms of the disease.

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Liberia has officially declared three cases of pollution and bans travel to or from the most affected countries.

Liberia was the West African country most severely affected between 2014 and 2016 by Ebola fever, which killed more than 4,800 people. Again, as in other poor countries, the state of the health system raises concerns about the ability to respond to a possible large-scale epidemic.


Against Ebola as well

“The president produced this song with a local group called Rabbis. He is the one who wrote the song and is the singer, says spokesman Solo Kelgbeh.

“The majority of people in Liberia do not have access to the internet or Facebook, but everyone listens to the radio. The song will be played at various stations across the country to spread the message properly,” he said.

Weah had previously recorded a song against Ebola and started working on it before the epidemic even reached the country, the spokesman said. “Singing is one of President Weah’s talents,” the spokesman said.

The former AC Milan and the president who assumed the presidency by promising to create jobs and invest in education have disappointed many Liberians’ expectations. The country is still suffering from poverty, inflation and fuel shortages.


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