lull after deadly clashes in Nzérékoré

Violence has occurred in recent days in the Nzérékoré region, in the south of the country. It was the source of violence linked to the parliamentary elections and the constitutional referendum, which led to inter-community clashes. A curfew was introduced and this Tuesday, the capital of the forest region was experiencing a lull.

Everything started with the elections held on Sunday. According to several sources, the tension was already palpable when the polling stations opened. Angered, young people hostile to the polls (legislative and constitutional referendum) would have attacked voters, after the closing of the polling stations.

The acts of sabotage of the poll quickly changed in clashes between the guerzé and konianké communities. ” People were armed with shotguns, others with machetes “, Describes a player in civil society. Several houses and shops were burned and ransacked. Three churches were burnt down in the neighborhoods of Dorota and Belle Vue.

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More violence and reprisals occurred again on Monday. To calm the situation, a curfew was put in place and army reinforcements from Kankan and Kissidougou were deployed. Despite this, on Tuesday, several cases of violence were still reported in the districts of Gomia I, Gomia II and “Refugee field”.

General Bouréma Condé, Minister of Territorial Administration, called for appeasement.

The vast majority of Guineans wanted to explain themselves, and did so in total discipline, serenity, and tranquility.

Hospital structures are overwhelmed: nearly 90 injured, with cut-cut injuries, burns and gunshot wounds were treated, said a medical source.

Precarious calm dominates the city. 50 people have been arrested and are expected to be brought before a judge this week, said Mohamed Ismael Traoré, the region’s governor.

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