Nigeria: Army says it foiled Boko Haram attack on Lagos


Lagos- Nigeria: Nigerian security forces said on Monday they failed a planned Boko Haram attack on the state of Lagos. Eight suspects arrested.

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If suicide bombings or armed attacks are now a news item in Nigeria, especially in Lagos State. Because of a bombing project cleverly simmered by Boko Haram.

According to information from the Nigerian defense forces. Elements of the Islamist sect had planned to attack. One of the universities of that state housing the economic capital two weeks ago.

But their plan was no longer carried out thanks to the operation “Crocodile Smiles” which made it possible to apprehend nearly eight elements of Boko Haram, as the Major General Commander of the 81st Division, Olu Irefin, in charge of the operation Crocodile Smiles.

For the officer, it is more than legitimate to celebrate the feat and reassure the population. “Citizens can fulfill their legal obligations without panic, because security agencies do a lot to protect them. Lagos is safe. Bono Haram is not afraid and people should not be afraid. We do not sleep, “said General Olu Irefin.

While northern Nigeria is common in Boko Haram actions (suicide attacks, armed attacks, etc.), in the south, the Islamist sect seems to spare the southern part.

By planning to attack Lagos, Boko Haram seems to be seeing that he intends to move up a gear in his expansion.



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