opposition newspapers suspended after complaint from French ambassador

In Togo, two opposition newspapers were suspended on March 23 by the High Audiovisual and Communication Authority following a complaint from the French ambassador. The daily Liberté and the bi-weekly L’Alternative had respectively published articles against the Ambassador and against Franck Paris, Emmanuel Macron’s Africa advisor.

Six days later the presidential election, while France did not react to the disputed polling result, the biweekly The alternative accused Franck Paris, French President’s Africa Advisor of ” incestuous collusion With Togolese power. ” He is responsible for tidying up the image and making the Togolese dictatorship smooth with his boss Emmanuel Macron, in return for hard cash. Writes the newspaper.

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Four days later, another opposition newspaper, Freedom, sharply attacks the French ambassador this time. ” Marc Vizy, the other enemy of democracy in Togo “, Attacked the newspaper, which wrote:” For the bounties he regularly enjoys, he takes the side of the dictatorship

“Serious, unfounded and slanderous” charges

Faced with these accusations which he judges ” grave, unfounded and slanderous “, An unusual fact, the French ambassador decides to file a complaint, not before the courts but before the High Authority for Audiovisual and Communication (HAAC).

On March 23, the latter suspended the two publications. The biweekly The alternative two months’ ban on publication and the daily Freedom, two weeks. Finding that the veracity of the information disseminated was not established, the HAAC judged that the two publications had violated the code of ethics of the journalists and the code of the press.

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