Ouagalais stock up while markets close

The big markets are about to close. The Burkinabè government has postponed the measure to apply this Wednesday, March 25 the next day so that households can organize.

Measures against the spread of the coronavirus continue. Thirty markets in the capital will close their doors tomorrow Thursday until April 20. According to a provisional list, 36 “ big markets »Of the 85 in the capital are affected by this measure. These markets are considered to be at high risk of massive contagion to Covid-19.

It is in principle this Wednesday that the decision should come into force, but it has been postponed for 24 hours to allow people to shop. But already in the markets, it’s the race against the clock. In the market in the Gounghin district, concerned by the closure decision, customers are jostling in the corridors: “ I came to buy meat, rice, oil, potatoes, onions, tomatoes … lists a client. Everything we can keep .

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The fear of confinement

Another person doing his shopping adds: ” Tomorrow, it is feared that there may be a confinement of the population. So they are stocking up for several days. I’m here to shop : onions, pasta, also rice. Maybe, with that, we can still hold a week or two

Some Ouagalais say they are very surprised by this decision to close the main markets of the capital, as Ms. Tarnagda points out: What I said to myself is too early. We know it today and it is tomorrow that we have to close the markets, it will be a little difficult for all people ” Esther Coulibaly continues: You must have a budget at least to stock up on supplies. And unfortunately, it falls on the end of the month. But we still try to do with

For Aichata Ouangraoua, a trader, this high attendance is a boon to increase her turnover: ” In any case, the customers come a lot. They buy the stuff we can keep .

With our correspondent in Ouagadougou,

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