Senegal: a rebel leader of casamance shot by strangers


A leader of the Mouvement des forces democratiques de la Casamance ( MFDC ), a rebel group in southern Senegal, Abdou Elinkine Diatta, was killed on Sunday while attending a traditional ceremony, the spokesman said. the Senegalese army.

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Three people were also wounded during the attack, including one who died while being transferred to hospital, said army communications director Colonel Abdou Ndiaye.

Abdou Elinkine Diatta “attended a ceremony of enthronement of a traditional king in Mlomp (about 40 kilometers from Ziguinchor, main city of Casamance) when armed men – probably two – arrived in a motorcycle”, said Colonel Ndiaye.

“They shot and he died,” he said, pointing out that the identity of the attackers was “unknown”.

With no known operational or military role, Abdou Elinkine Diatta was a familiar face of the MFDC , of which he had been the spokesperson. He had been more discreet in recent years.

The MFDC , divided into several rival factions, has since 1982 been fighting a separatist rebellion in Casamance, an isolated region of northern Senegal by The Gambia.

In 35 years, the conflict has left thousands of civilian and military victims, ravaged the economy of this agricultural and tourist region, and pushed many residents to flee.

However, he has known for several years a lull, while peace negotiations have multiplied since the arrival in power of President Macky Sall in 2012.

They had resumed in October 2017 in Rome under the aegis of the Catholic community of Sant’Egidio, mediator in this conflict, without leading so far on a peace agreement.

Macky Sall, re-elected earlier this year, said a “final peace” in Casamance was one of the priorities of his second term.




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