Senegal decided to experiment with chloroquine to treat its coronavirus patients

The 96 people tested positive for Covid-19 have been taken care of by different hospitals in the country and will be treated with chloroquine. And according to Professor Moussa Seydi, on the front line in the fight against Covid-19 at Fann Hospital in Dakar, the results are already encouraging.

Moussa Seydi, a figure in the fight against the coronavirus in the country, a great specialist in infectious diseases, took careful note of the tests carried out by the infectiologist Didier Raoult in France, in Marseille. Concretely Moussa Seydi, in a video, announces that he decided in Dakar to use hydroxychloroquine, a molecule almost identical to chloroquine.

So far, the test has been done on patients at Fann’s Hospital, the very first care center. And the substance would, according to the professor, facilitate the healing of the coronavirus. The tests will continue. Moussa Seydi announces that if 100 patients tested do not have too serious side effects, he will follow the recommendations of Professor Raoult, who had suggested adding an antibiotic, azithromycin. If all the tests are successful, this draft treatment will be generalized to all patients in Senegal.

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WHO warning

However, the use of chloroquine is not currently recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). ” So be very careful with this hydroxychloroquine “Warned WHO earlier this week. ” Reduced, non-random studies based on observations will not provide us with the answers we need “, Explained the director of the institution. The molecule is also the source of ” false hopes Said the WHO again.

Second danger: self-medication. It is absolutely forbidden to take Nivaquine or Plaquenil, the trade names of the product which are two antimalarials. Professor Moussa Seydi himself insisted that this substance should not be taken without the supervision of a medical team. The tests carried out by the doctor are very supervised.

Going to pharmacies to rob them of chloroquine is like playing sorcerer’s apprentices and depriving certain chronic patients of other diseases of an often precious treatment. Therefore, caution and above all patience: it will be necessary to see over time whether Pr Seydi’s tests have proved conclusive in the fight against the coronavirus.

With our correspondent in Dakar,

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