Senegalese army crosses border, sparks outrage

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New incursion of the Senegalese police forces in Gambia. On Wednesday, at the beginning of the afternoon, Senegalese soldiers found themselves in Gambian territory, towards the village of Sare Omar, close to the border with Casamance. The scene was filmed by residents of the village who gathered around the soldiers to tell them that they were in Gambia and that they had nothing to do there. Posted on social networks, the video sparked outrage.

From our correspondent in Banjul, Roman Song

A lack of respect “,” an attack on the sovereignty of the Gambia “,” a provocation », Here are some reactions collected on social networks after the dissemination of several videos showing Senegalese forces lost in Gambian territory. The soldiers are armed, helmeted and move in at least three vehicles, one of which is an armored vehicle. The Senegalese army spokesman speaks of a minor incident. One of the army units was indeed lost in Gambian territory during a patrol, he specifies. The border is an area of ​​timber and drug trafficking which explains these military patrols.

But the Senegalese incursions into Gambia were badly lived and it is the third incident of its kind in six months. Last March, the Senegalese gendarmerie opened fire in The Gambia to apprehend an individual.

Contrary to reactions on the internet, the Gambian army does not pay much attention to the latest incident. The willingness to cooperate is still just as strong, the Senegalese army said.

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