the country “is alone” against Boko Haram

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In Chad, President Idriss Déby announces that Boko Haram has been chased from the territory. The Chadian head of state who went to the theater of operations, said that the entire Chadian part of Lake Chad where Boko Haram elements were found was cleaned up as part of Operation “Anger of Bohoma” Launched after the death of more than 90 Chadian soldiers following an attack by Boko Haram.

Chad is alone “And Idriss Déby complains. Faced with Boko Haram, the Chadian president says that his neighbors lack commitment while his army has obtained results.

There is not a single Boko Haram today in Chad. Two essential command posts in Lake Chad were therefore taken over by our forces and they seriously destroyed Boko Haram. The few that remain have either returned to Niger, Nigeria, or Cameroon. It’s over for our country and there are no more terrorists now “, He assures before adding that the Chadian forces” are now inside neighboring countries and we support them. Unfortunately, since our engagement until today, the observation that one can make is that Chad is alone to bear all the weight of the war of Boko Haram

Credible information

Joined by RFI, Seidik Abba, a specialist in the Lake Chad region, considers that in view of the significant resources deployed, the Chadian army, according to him, advanced without much resistance, when part of the Boko Haram combatants took the flight.

Boko Haram took refuge in a lagoon part of the lake which was difficult to access and which was somewhat under-administered. But since the launch of Operation Bohoma’s anger, Chad has clearly taken over and succeeded in recovering the two main bases of Boko Haram, where there is the general command and where the military district from where Boko Haram was supposed to be attacking is apparently located. According to reports, one of the operational commanders was captured by the Chadian forces

Even if Boko Haram was chased from the Chadian part of Lake Chad, the movement is still active in the Sambisa forest. We also know that certain elements managed to flee mainly to Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon, no doubt

The specialist in the region of Lake Chad, Seidik Abba also believes that border countries must in turn engage in the framework of the multinational multinational force (FMM) which includes Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon.

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