the village of Boulikessi, a regular target of violence

Near the area of ​​the three borders between Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, the village chief of Boulikessi has disappeared since Tuesday May 19. For at least two years, this infamous village has been the scene of violence committed by jihadist groups, but also by the military.

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Since his departure for the Hombori fair, Hama Abdou Diallo has never returned home, explains, concerned, his entourage. Tuesday morning, the interim village chief of Boulikessi leaves his house on his motorbike to cover the 75 km that separate him from the market where he disappears.

Hama Abdou Diallo was in fact in this acting position, because the historic chief of the village, Amirou Boulikessi, was removed on March 13, 2019 by a jihadist group, according to his relatives. At this time, the latter remains untraceable. In a year, this is the second time that the locality of Boulikessi has lost track of its leader. This area located in the circle of Mondoro on the border with Burkina Faso is particularly frequented by jihadist groups. And the presence of the Malian army did not stop the threat. A few months after the kidnapping of Amirou Boulikessi, the Boulikessi military camp is attacked by jihadists. At least 38 Malian soldiers have died. This is one of the deadliest results for the Malian army in recent years.

Human rights violations by the military

At the same time, twice, in two years, elements of the Malian G5 Sahel battalion were accused by Minusma human rights violations, including against twelve civilians in 2018, executed at the Boulikessi cattle market. On March 14, 2020, some soldiers were responsible for extrajudicial executions, including sixteen cases in the same area, according to a note from the United Nations Human Rights Division.

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