towards a return to normal for fast coaches in Dakar

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Buses, express coaches, taxis can now fill all their seats. Decision of the Minister of Transport in force for a few days. Until now, to maintain a distance between passengers, only part of the seats could be occupied.

In the popular district of the Medina, fast buses, these multicolored out-of-age buses can fill up almost as before … No more empty seats between passengers and higher fares. On board, Pascal Gomis heads for Pikine in the suburbs: “ We pay the normal rate we paid before, it’s the cheapest that can help us, because we don’t have enough money, we have no choice, that’s the only thing we can take to go home.

In another bus, imminent departure for Mohamadou Pathé. This passenger will arrive in Rufisque much later: ” Maybe 1h30 he believes, it depends if there are traffic jams we don’t know what to do but God is great ” For him, having increased the occupation of the seats is a bad measure: ” The coaches are increasing their offers. Normally we should reduce the number of passengers in taxis and coaches.

Everyone masked

At the rear of the vehicle, an apprentice driver folds the last customers. His activity has become profitable again, which pleases him: ” It works out. Before we took 15 to 18 passengers. Now the filling goes up to 40 occupants maximum. The man assures that the barrier gestures are still respected: ” Passengers, apprentice must wear masks. After work, hands should be washed with soap.

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Despite this measure, the transportation sector remains slow. Travel between regions of Senegal is still prohibited.

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