towards an arrest warrant issued by France

This is RFI information, France should issue in the coming days an arrest warrant against Rokia Traoré. In any case, this was requested by the public prosecutor’s office after the Malian singer violated her judicial control by leaving French territory, last May 9, by air.

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Several elements prove indeed that she has illegally evaded French justice. Two charges against the singer were retained by the investigators.

First, the fact that she did not appear at the police station on May 15, as required by her judicial review every week. And then, it was also the messages posted on social networks by Rokia Traoré that served as evidence for French justice to show that it had illegally evaded its judicial control. On Facebook, the singer explains in particular the reasons which pushed her to leave France, on May 9, to be by the side of her daughter, who remained in Mali, fearing that custody of the child would be taken away from her.

So it is now the investigative chamber which should issue the arrest warrant in the coming days. Concretely for Rokia Traoré, that will not change much since she is already under the blow of another arrest warrant, European this one, issued by Belgian justice in the parental custody case which opposes her. to his ex-companion. If she returns to France or Europe, she will therefore be arrested and placed in pre-trial detention.

Bamako conciliation proposal

The artist’s lawyer Kenneth Feliho said he was not surprised by this request for an arrest warrant. He also specifies that his client, who was in possession of a Malian diplomatic passport, must now be considered like a diplomat in trouble in the West and believes that the Vienna Convention governing this status has been violated.

For his part, the Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs proposed to the various protagonists to meet as soon as possible in Bamako to try to find a conciliation in this file.

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