a book and theater caravan cross it


Congo-Brazzaville lives in step with the first edition of the book and theater trolley; an authors’ initiative that aims in particular to bring books closer to the public in a country with abundant literature.

Leaving Brazzaville, this caravan must stay in five sections in southern Congo. The initiator, playwright Mireille Emma Opa Elion, at the head of a writers’ collective, sets the goals for the event.

“The reason for the book and theater carriage is quite simple; it is our desire to make books and theater beloved by different populations: adults, young people and children, she explains.

Throughout the caravan, the public will have the pleasure of following at least three theater performances in different locations. “Through the caravan, the book enters the city and goes home. We take books and theater to the markets, it is books and theater that go to the city, adds Mrs. Opa Elion.

In Congo, a country formerly known as the “Latin Quarter of Central Africa” ​​due to the influence of literature, access to books is not a problem, according to Mireille Emma Opa Elion.

“The book has always existed. The country has installed at least 52 libraries in its twelve departments. There are many state libraries as well as private libraries ”.

The first edition of the book and theater trolley closes on 6 May.

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