a former minister in court for “abuse of office and


On Tuesday in Porto-Novo, the court’s special prosecutor for the repression of economic crime and terrorism decided to refer the former Minister of Decentralization of Patrice Talon to the High Court of Justice for “abuse of office and corruption”. It is about illegal land arrangements that catch up with the former Minister Barnabé Dassigli.

The trial ended with deliberations scheduled for Tuesday when CRIET’s special prosecutor decided to reopen the case. He suspects the former minister of decentralization for having been involved in the affair, orders a house search in his partner’s home and, surprised, the judicial police discover four ownership rights to the incriminated estates bearing the name of the minister’s nephew.

“Mr. Barnabé Dassiglid must answer for his actions,” the prosecutor then claims in his requisitions.

And since only the Supreme Court can convict the ministers, we were told that prosecutor Mario Metonouva forwarded the file to Seal Keeper to initiate the immunity proceedings. The prosecutor noted that in this major death scandal, it was the former minister who ordered the execution of a court decision that suspects granted 39 hectares of public property to a plaintiff.

In the same file, the mayor of Calavi municipality, the second most important city in the south, receives a close sentence of six years in prison.

Already in February 2019, Patrice Talon had landed his minister for yet another land scandal.

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