a new DDR device, questions about its cost


One month after the appointment of the members of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Community Recovery Program (P-DDRCS) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a new unit was created within the framework of the GDR (Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration). it is still not clear how much it costs

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

A first three-month roadmap has been prepared of the new team. It focuses on inventory through field trips. This new unit is called upon to be one of the strong links in the strategy for combating armed groups and one of the pillars of sustainable economic development in the regions of Eastern DRC.

National strategy During this quarter, the focus will be on developing the national strategy for DDR. Then comes one of the biggest challenges in this comprehensive program: its funding.

For their part, the leaders of the P-DDRCS remain hopeful for next year. “It is true that this year and next year we will not have everything we would like because we arrived late, but we know that there are other mechanisms besides the state budget being what we call innovative mechanisms,” said Tommy Tambwe, program coordinator.

But the key to the program’s success is, he said, the commitment and action of the country’s top leaders to avoid failures in the past: “Most of these programs suffered because they had little political will. Today, the head of state has committed himself and put the program in his closet to follow “.

Better contributions from international partners He also hopes for better contributions from international partners such as the European Union and the World Bank. These donors are also waiting for the presentation of a detailed plan. Among the conditions they set for financing this program is a credible and clearly defined strategy.


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