Amobé Mévégué, a journalist who is committed to culture


Our colleague and friend Amobé Mévégués died at the age of 52, a victim of severe malaria. Former RFI journalist and presenter on France 24, he knew how to convey his favorites and his passion like no other.

His smooth skull, his youthful appearance, his colorful clothes, his kindness will be lacking. AmobéMévégué -For those who knew him – he was above all an available boy, always smiling and often joking. But he was also and above all a man with enormous culture, and not just in the musical field. He was curious about everything: cinema, literature, poetry. It went far beyond music, a subject he obviously knew by heart, and his advice on the subject was invaluable to us who worked in the same company.

From Tabala FM to France 24 The media world, Amobéle knew very well and for good reason: this boy originally from Cameroon and arrived in France at the age of 5 had in the 1980s made a pioneer figure by engaging in Tabala’s adventure FM, the first African radio station established in France. Thus began his long radio and television career. In 1994, when he was only 25 years old, he produced at RFI Plein Sud -show listened to more than 45 million listeners. Two years later, in parallel, he produced Africa Musica, a hit parade of African music.

In 1998, together with TV presenter Myriam Seurat, they developed the first talk show on MCM Africa, a diversity daily. Amobé Mévégué was also TV5 Monde where he hosted the acoustic program and since 2010 France24 where he was at the helm ofculture show Now shown!. Sontalent was evident both on a television set and in the microphone. In this rich career we will also note the creation of the magazine Afrobiz in 2000, he had also founded the pan-African television channel Ubiznews available in Africa on the satellite channel package, and in France on cable. He was therefore a hyperactive entrepreneur, always with a project in mind.

During all these years, Amobéa received the biggest stars in international music. Many of them expressed their sadness and shock over the news of his disappearance. Senegalese Youssou N’Dour induces on RFI the loss of a friend, a brother. For him, the black diaspora has lost a man “who gave the microphone to everyone”. “This is sad news for pan-Africanism”, regrets for his part and always on RFI the Senegalese rapper Didier Awadi, very close to Amobe Mevegué. He notes that our colleague “fully understood the cultural issues of our time, we discussed a lot and had big projects together”. As for the Ivorian singerTiken Jah Fakoly, he retains the image of a man ”who struggled every day to give a positive image of the African continent. […] I’m really in shock, adds the Ivorian reggae man.

The African continent has just lost a great cultural man, a fantastic journalist. A nice, real, honest man. A gentleman who really helped everyone, who gave everyone the opportunity to express themselves.

Journalist Mory Touré reacts with Amobé Mévégué

I just wish we could fill the huge void he left.

Burkinabé rapper Smockey looks back on the personality of Amobé Mévégué

Deep convictions But beyond the journalist, Amobé Mévégué was also a man of convictions. He acted actively for the development of the continent and the black society in France. Twenty years ago, the person who the listener or viewer knew under the name Alain Mévégué had thus decided to change his first name. From now on it would be called Amobé. This was not a whim or whim, but really a cultural and identity process. “For me, a name is something important. It has an emotional charge and a historical charge “, he explained in an interview granted in 2004. at Afrik.comEven in his clothes, he wanted to promote African culture by often urging African designers.

In private, he condemned the poor governance and corruption that plagues the continent. He dreamed of an Africa that matched the ambitions of his youth … He also talked a lot about racism in Europe and fought against the ideas that his society is a victim of, especially in Europe.

Amobé Mevegué’s disappearance felt like a shock: a few days ago, on August 21, he was in his native Cameroon to attend the funeral of his mother in the village of Nkolbogo, in the Lékié department in the middle of the country. “Infinite gratitude to you, Mrs. Patriarch, for the absolute love you have given ALL your children,” he wrote. on his Facebook page the day after this funeral.

Amobé will unfortunately be missing, his beautiful face, his smile, his kindness will remain in our memories.

Almost 20 years ago, Amobé Mevegue, who presented the program “Plein Sud” produced by Nathalie Laporte, was a new column. These were the first steps in “L’épopée des Musiques Noires” at RFI. Amobé passed away today. Deep sorrow 😞

– Email about RFI (@RFI_EPOPEE) September 8, 2021


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