an arbitration between the Central African Republic and Axmin will be held at


In the Central African Republic, the case regarding the mining permits in Ndassima continues, the only mines in the country that are known to be industrially exploitable. ‘Exploitation. Axmin opposes his inability to work due to the security conditions and in particular the presence of armed men at the scene.

It took several weeks before a date could be set. It is therefore on October 20 that the arbitration will be held between the Canadian junior Axmin and the Central African state. The meeting will take place in Abidjan. The mediator has been appointed but his identity is kept confidential. The goal is to find a way out of the crisis to this situation. But for the company Axmin, the goal is clear, it is to restore the two licenses that were issued two years ago now. A withdrawal that she considers illegal.

The contacted minister did not want to comment, specifying to prepare for the meeting in late October. Rufin Benam Beltungou, recently appointed to this position, was a former adviser on natural resources to President Touadéra. In a note addressed to the head of state, he advised at the time to “go back clean and simple on this decision to withdraw” given that this decision has no “legal basis”.

We are simply asking for the reintroduction of our rights, we are asking for the reintroduction of our exploration license and our operating license. We have invested over $ 1 billion in the last decade or so.

Maître Crépin Mboli-Goumba, lawyer for Axmin

Axmin has repeatedly condemned Russian influence in this affair. The permits were quickly redistributed to the company Midas Resources, known for being close to Russian interests.

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