called merchants, taxi drivers and bus drivers


Deadline: October 31st. While the Congolese authorities want to intensify vaccination to fight the virus, the main stakeholders are divided.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loïcia Martial

At the entrance to the Total Market, located south of the Congolese capital, merchants have not yet figured out where to turn for the Covid-19 vaccination. But several of them say they are ready to do so before the end of next month, a deadline set by the authorities.

“Vaccination is good because it is a disease that is ravaging. It is normal that we can be vaccinated for health and protect ourselves “, states a merchant. “As the state forces us, we must do the essentials by going to the vaccination. It’s for health; health is invaluable, ”adds two other merchants with a smile.

On the former avenue in OUA, bus drivers and taxi drivers show up more reluctant. “Even some whites, the same people who make these vaccines, refused to take them, the more we are Congolese. In addition, we hear that the disease does not exist “, says a driver.

“I can not say whether I should take the shot or not. Compared to what we learned in school, a vaccine must first be tested for five years. That is not the case here. It is this concern that we need to get vaccinated, ”says another driver.

Congo, which has doses of Chinese, Russian and American vaccines, would like to vaccinate 60% of the population to achieve collective immunity. But at present the vaccination coverage exceeds just under 4%.


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