Cameroonian “anti-sardines” demonstrate in


A demonstration was held in Geneva on Saturday, July 17, near the hotel where the Cameroonian president has been staying for a week. Security forces were deployed to prevent access to the hotel where Paul Biya lived. The now famous BAS, an anti-sardine brigade, despite the ban by the Geneva Department of Population Security and Health, continued the demonstration.

They were a few dozen activists, with Cameroonian megaphones and flags, who had gathered to express their dissatisfaction with President Biya. Among them is Hilaire Djoumessi, a spokeswoman for the antisardines in Geneva. “He is coming to Geneva for treatment. In 40 years, he has not ordered the construction of a single hospital that can benefit other Cameroonians, he regrets. It is excluded, in the current situation, with political prisoners, of corruption, that Paul Biya will come to Geneva under these conditions for impunity. We can not accept, he said indignantly. For the sake of clarity, the term antisardines refers to sandwiches made from bread and canned sardines that were distributed to the population during meetings with the ruling party, RDPC, Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“The head of state is the guarantor of republican institutions and as such he deserves a lot of respect. It is therefore out of the question to disturb his private stay abroad. That is unacceptable. We can not tolerate such actions, ”said Stève Michel Akaa, National Coordinator of the Young Patriots Collective with Paul Biya, in Cameroon.

The collective is also planning its demonstration, but this one to greet the president when he returns home.

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