Chad is hosting the African Wrestling Championships


In Chad, traditional wrestling – without hitting – is a pillar of Chadian culture, but it is still little known compared to Senegalese wrestling, a true national sport. For two years, the Chadian Wrestling Federation has been trying to revive this ancestral sport and to popularize it. The venture is successful for the season 2021. Ndjamena hosted the national African wrestling championship. The spectators were there.

as reported from Ndjamena, Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

Traditional wrestling, without a strike, is a pillar of Chadian culture. The drums’ call echoes at the stadium on October 10. Hundreds of young and old are installed around the arena. Crying to encourage one of the favorite wrestlers: Idriss Bisseina, piercing gaze and goatskin tied at the waist. He represents the province of Mayo Kebbi-Est in the category of more than 100 kilos.

Barely two minutes of fighting, and that is the victory: “I took advantage of my opponent’s weakness. I took his foot and I never let go of him falling. I learned it in training and even since I was little, with my brothers ”.

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At Mayo Kebbi Est, wrestling is a part of everyday life, explains coach Adoum Djouba Bousseina: “Our wrestlers, we prepare them, we feed them well. With cattle on the pasture, they only take milk. Every time we train them. “For this national championship, seven provinces are represented by the twenty – three in Chad.

“The seven provinces are first and foremost centers for African wrestling where wrestling has been practiced since the dawn of time. In addition to the sporting aspect, it is also cultural and it is in our habits and customs “, explains Baba Ahmat Baba, chairman of the Chadian Wrestling Federation.

Provincial wrestling leagues would like more support to support wrestlers and train them more in international competitions.


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