closure of confirmation of fees heard


This former Séléka commander is suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Central African Republic in 2013. Acts that he is alleged to have committed while he was gradually at the head of important security organizations. Each of the parties spoke one last time to present their arguments.

The prosecutor asked the court to confirm the allegations against Mahamat Saïd Abdel Kani, a position shared by the victims’ representative. On the contrary, Abdel Kanis’ defense called to not confirm the allegations. According to the lawyer: this case highlights facts that do not fall under international criminal courts. She tried to show that the evidence from the prosecutor is not sufficient to justify that the case be tried.

Former Seleka commander Mahamat Saïd Abdel Kani would have personally committed these crimes or ordered or encouraged them, according to the ICC prosecutor. Actions committed against people who are favorable to former President François Bozize, driven from power by the armed coalition. This week, the prosecutor presented various elements, including photos of the “hole”. The cell that was under Abdel Kanis’ presumed office at the time, where some of the facts are alleged to have taken place.

The court now has 60 days to decide its decision: confirm the charges and prepare the way for a trial, refuse to confirm the charges and end the proceedings against Abdel Kani. A third way is also possible: postpone the trial and ask the prosecutor to bring new evidence or change the charges.


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