Congo extends health status and announces


The Congolese authorities have just extended their state of health for the 27th time in a row. In particular, they announced new restrictive measures, in particular the mandatory presentation of the vaccination certificate, from 1 November, to access certain public places and even public transport.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loïcia Martial

The places where access will be subject to display of the vaccination certificate include prefectures, banks, post offices and pension funds. For Dr Jean-Claude Emeka of the Technical Committee for the Fight against Covid-19, the government’s measures are aimed at forcing the population to get vaccinated.

“People need to be vaccinated because we have realized that the number of cases is increasing. The degree of positivity, which in the meantime was 2% and increased to 4.2% “, he explained.

Many in Brazzaville say they are ready to follow the path that the government is tracking and following vaccination. “I’m taking my vaccine. I fear nothing. You must protect yourself to protect others. I have already been deliberately vaccinated. The government’s decision is normal. It is for the benefit of the citizens. That is my personal point of view because I do not see any disadvantages “, they in turn said to passers-by at RFI’s microphone.

Maize there are also many reluctant people. “I will not take a vaccine. Never. No one can force me. I do not even see the reason, says a Brazzaville resident.

The country is close 530,000 doses of Chinese, Russian and American vaccines and expects nearly 1.2 million doses under the African Union AVAT facility.


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