Congolese embassies facing problems with


Congolese embassies around the world have serious operational problems. Some are in arrears of up to 12 months with unpaid rents and the risk of deportation for some, or salaries that are no longer released.

The situation is such that the Foreign Minister, Marie Tumba Nzeza, warned in the media and asked for greater involvement of the Congolese government to resolve the situation.

The regularization process has begun since Monday, April 12. The order was given to the Central Bank of Congo. Of an estimated $ 9 million, $ 3 million will be released initially, according to Foreign Ministry sources.

Priority will be reserved for rents to preserve the image of the country, we inform the page about the presidency of the republic, where Félix Tshisekedi was personally involved.

In addition to this cumbersome problem, a proper sweep is planned. “There is a clear desire to get order in the area,” assures a member of the head of state’s cabinet.

The country currently has around sixty diplomatic missions around the world, and the announced reforms should include a reduction in this number for budgetary reasons, but not only. Kinshasa wants to adapt its foreign policy to the current challenges.

For example, about 10 diplomats are assigned to a country like Portugal, while the DRC has no significant presence in some emerging countries that are considered strategic in Asia.

This will be one of the challenges for Christophe Lutundula, the newly appointed Foreign Minister, with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister.

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