controversy after the closure of several faculties


In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), tensions are rising in Congolese universities following the decision by the Minister of Higher Education (ESU) to close medical schools in dozens of facilities.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

While the DRC has more than 90 universities that have a medical school, today only 16 of them are approved. The decision, which fell like a sliver, is part of the resolutions of the general conditions for higher education held in the city of Lubumbashi, Katanga.

Professor Antoine Tshimpi, coordinator of the general states, explains the reasons for this choice: “We see a proliferation of health facilities everywhere. You have facilities where a nurse gives three, four, five courses in medicine, the veterinarian gives courses in human medicine. Finally, I leave the details, but it’s serious ”.

“Establishments such asdoes not meet these criteria “For him, the criteria are” all simple “. “If you want a medical school, it’s okay to have a dean who is a learning doctor. A medical school must have laboratories for practice, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy “, he says.

According to him, the decision to close a certain number of facilities is justified by the fact that several criteria are not respected. “I met doctors who throughout their course – they are doctors today – have never been to an anatomy workshop! But it did harm! A medical education must have at least three permanent professors and two professors at the advanced level, must have a library … So the observation is that you have plenty of facilities thatdoes not meet these criteria. Life force audits have been carried out, there are even facilities that had to close on their own before they received the investigators, he says.

As a result of these decisions have DRK end up in provinces that do not have medical schools. “But it is not a problem in provinces or regions. In the beginning, there were three universities: Kinshasa, Kisangani and Lubumbashi. But people traveled to go to be educated “, the coordinator answers.


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