dozens of deaths in clashes


In Chad, 28 people have been killed since Sunday in the eastern part of the country in clashes between two communities. A recurring conflict in Chad that the authorities have failed to contain.

as reported from Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

Between Sunday and Monday evening, there were 28 deaths after clashes in Kidji, Mina and Tiyo, about forty kilometers from Abéché, the capital of the eastern part of the country. Originally a dispute over land occupied by nomads that foreigners do not want to settle on their land.

Tensions had been running high for several weeks, there were even calls for violence via social networks, local sources indicate. But the Ouaddai authorities did not take the situation seriously, lamenting another local source mediated by the Chadian Convention on Human Rights, a non-governmental organization condemning the authorities’ neglect.

The government has sent several ministers since the weekend to try to restore calm, but tensions were still palpable last night.

“Land disputes continue to kill. For plots, the Chadians are killing each other, ”laments the Chadian Minister of Justice Mahamat Ahmat Alhabo, recalling that the whole of Chad is facing this type of conflict beyond the province of Ouaddai.


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