DRK: the debate around RAM, the device register


Oral question by Minister Augustin Kibassa Maliba, Minister for Services, Telecommunications and New Information and Communication Technologies (PTNTIC). It was in the National Assembly. The newspapers looked at the debate over RAM, the register of mobile devices.

A difficulty in believing Reference Plus, daily newspaper with headlines: “Augustin Kibassa in great difficulty”. According to this newspaper, for upsetting the deputies with some of his comments, the Minister of PTNTIC takes water to the mill for those who think that RAM would be a big scam. The least we can say, the newspaper emphasizes, is that Kibassa Maliba Lubalala missed her big word.

For the newspaper The potential, the head of Kibassa is put at a price. The man was convincing before the national representation in the RAM file, says the newspaper, which takes into account the hot debate. According to The potential, it is no surprise that all the speakers, or almost, who followed each other in the forum had only one recommendation, namely that the immediate abolition of the RAM tax due to its illegal nature.

“Crossfire on Kibassa”, for his part, observes The future, another day that says: “Registry of mobile devices is an issue that shares more than it unites the Congolese”. Logically, explains The future, there must be someone who answers, better who gives the true meaning of RAM. It is not a tax, but a compensation awarded for the implementation of free wifi in university institutions and public places, also a way to control the flow of calls and messages … Unfortunately, we can still load The futureMinister Kibassa met an audience full of preconceived notions and was reluctant to listen to him.

In the satirical Griniga, PTNTIC’s Ministry is trying to calm the perception on certain points … “By reformulating things for a good understanding …”, one can read in the newspaper that quotes the cell’s communication cell. After the national deputies were heard by the Minister, several people distorted the true meaning of what Augustin Kibassa’s speech really was …

The Minister showed that the register of mobile devices has a legal basis, supports the development of the communications cell. And to continue in the satirical Griniga : The RAM finds its regulatory basis in Decree 020/005 of 9 March 2020, which amends and supplements it on 20 February 2012, a decree establishing the calculation methods and income rates for ARPTC, Posten’s supervisory authority and telecommunications in Congo.

Finally in the newspaper RepublicMoïse Katumbi: the outburst of the second heart! With tears in his eyes, the president of the political party Together for the Republic discovered and met figures last Monday that were affected by the outbreak in Nyiragongo in May, this newspaper reports. Has his seat on the farm in the Kayembe primary school and lives the trial on his ancestors’ land, says the newspaper’s reporter Republic, some spend the night under the stars, others engage in theft or prostitution in order to survive. In the face of this reality, Moïse Katumbi promised to appeal to the Prime Minister on behalf of the Sacred Union for the Nation.


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