fate in Bukavu after a giant fire


It is the wasteland in Bukavu – in the eastern DRC – after the gigantic fire that ravaged the Hôtel de Poste on the night of Tuesday 14 to Wednesday 15 September. This is the second fire, after 2011, in this gigantic building built during the colonial era, and which in addition to the post office also housed several services. Now only debris remains.

Carine Zawadi, in her thirties, can not hide her feelings. This mother of three worked in a public secretariat in one of the post offices, and for her, after this fire, the survival of an entire family is in danger: “I am really sad because of my property. Burned where I used to make my life. I lost my copiers, my computers, and some money, $ 350 to buy the bundles of paper. This is where I earned my family’s bread, my husband is unemployed and I was the one who did almost everything for our survival, especially during this hard period of the coronavirus, I do not know what to do anymore. ”

Nothing more reminiscent of Posten Inside the building, nothing reminiscent of Posten except the burned boxes. We see lumps of ash produced by courier packages here, debris from charred coffins, computers and radio transmitters there, and a little further away in the garage, vehicles consumed by the fire and remnants of machinery. To sew.

The head of the Bukavu Post Office, Mafuta Munduku Nicaise, exclaimed: “This fire has surprised us in particular. We lost all equipment and some packages waiting for delivery. I urge everyone who is animated in good faith to come and give us their help so that we can renovate this building a little ”.

“Huge” damage The provincial authorities in southern Kivu consider the damage to be “enormous” and rely on the central authorities in Kinshasa to rehabilitate this building.

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