Fighting drugs in Kinshasa: civil society


In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), among other things, three Tunisian citizens are in the hands of the police after a major anti-drug operation in Kinshasa. However, the Congolese Association for Access to Justice (Acaj) expresses its serious concerns.

The police were arrested one hundred sellers, dealers and consumers of drugs including “bulge”, a powerful drug obtained from the mixture of black dust from the vehicle’s exhaust catalysts and vitamins.

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For the lawyers in the three Tunisians, it is a false move. Acaj’s coordinator, Georges Kapiamba, is also concerned: there have been mistakes and human rights violations, according to the Human Rights Association. These three foreigners presented on Thursday in front of the cameras and the authorities are employed by a recycling company.

There should be no merger with people who would have organized themselves to extract certain substances from these effects and turn them into a medicine commonly known in Kinshasa as “bulging”. [Par ailleurs], it comes back to us that parts of the police as well as their commanders who performed these operations did not contain a keyword.


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