first day of remembrance for the victims of


The province of South Kivu on Friday, October 1, officially celebrated for the first time the massacre that has been carried out in this eastern region since 1993. Thousands of residents from different territories gathered on the ISP Bukavu football field to accompany Dr. Denis Mukwege. The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 fights to create an international criminal court for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

as reported from Bukavu, William basimike

In front of an audience sitting under tarpaulins, with a hood, this survivor from the Abala massacre testifies about what he experienced in 1998. He made the journey from Fizi to Bukavu:

“I was 11 years old then. Armed men in uniforms with Rwandan insignia surrounded our church and without asking for anything, they opened fire. My mother said to me: “Debaba, lie down on the ground!”. There was blood everywhere and corpses fell on me. Later I discovered that my mother was also dead. 284 people died in this church and the survivors were only 17. “

“We mourn our slaughtered brothers and sisters” The banners read “We demand that the survey report be dug”, “We mourn our brothers and sisters who were massacred during the so-called liberation wars”, or even “The victims demand justice”.

Homère Bulakali, one of the province’s deputies in southern Kivu, insists on the importance of setting up an international criminal court: “We will not stop along the way. Our rest is when we will have obtained the International Criminal Court of the Democratic Republic of Congo based on the first elements of the mapping report and which we must complete with the investigations that must be carried out because there have been crimes since 2003 and until now, and it continues . ”

On behalf of the governor of southern Kivu, the provincial minister of interior and security, Théophile Migo Kiluwe, is calming down: a hobby horse by President Félix Tshisekedi Tshilombo who is keen to make our country a rule of law where human rights violations must be severely punished. “

The actors of present political and civil society cast a certain lobby that tends to deny and / or suppress the truth about the various massacres.

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