For Angola, the pollution of the river Kasai must be


The recent pollution of the Kasaïd River should be the subject of negotiations between Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), according to Luanda authorities.

This water pollution is believed to be caused by damage to the Catoca diamond mine in Angola, but the Angolan Minister of the Environment, Jomo Fortunato, believes that Angola is also a victim of oil pollution in Matadi, in the DRC, and that this problem must be included in bilateral discussions: the company’s escape, we believe this is a false problem. In addition, there will be a meeting on 11 September with the Joint Commission, which brings together the foreign ministers of the two countries, precisely to try to solve this problem. “

“It has been a while since I said that we will lead to a negotiation,” said Jomo Fortunato. Because on our side we have – not as a bargaining chip – but it is important for the international and national community to know that there are also pollutants at the Matadi level that have affected the Congo River, that is, the Zaire River. Our relations are excellent between Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, I am sure that eventually everything will be resolved at the negotiating table. These issues must always be resolved through negotiations. ”

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